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Transmigration9: First Journal Entry

Character Name: Admiral Honor Harrington

Requested Dreamwidth account names: 'The Salamandmiral', 'SpaceHornblower', 'HerHonorness'

Canon: Honorverse

Personality Outline:

She's an admiral in the Royal Space Navy of the Star Kingdom of Manticore, a talented Shipmaster, and a hero of the wars against the People's Republic of Haven.

In a setting based in many ways upon the wars between Britain and Revolutionary France in the 17th century, except in the far future and in SPACE!!!!!, Honor Harrington is very much the equivalent of Horatio Hornblower, with a bit of Admiral Nelson thrown in.

She leads fleets of ships that use gravity distortions as propulsion and shielding, and weapons that can punch holes through the same and lay waste to planets. And she's damn good at her job. Like all of the best military commanders, she has the iron will and the nerve to sail into the face of death, and the honesty and forthrightness to get her officers and crew to go along with her: her tendency to constantly get involved where the military action is hottest has lead to the media dubbing her 'The Salamander'. She has the intuitive ability to identify and surround herself with the best, a talent that I think more than anything else has contributed to her many victories. Despite the loyalty she has inspired in people in the past, like Hornblower, she secretly believes that she is worth less than others: as a corollary, she doesn't take personal attacks upon her character all that well, although she's been learning how to deal with such things through experience.

She is telepathically bonded to a sentient, six-legged arboreal creature called a 'treecat', from her homeworld of Sphinx, christened 'Nimitz'. Nimitz has been her best and oldest friend ever since childhood, and it's a rare sight for people not to see him croaking on her shoulder as she goes about her daily business. Nimitz, despite being diminutive, is much smarter than he looks, to the extent that he's even recently been learning sign language. They're guaranteed to wreck bloody vengeance on anyone who attempts to harm one or the other. Nimitz, being unencumbered with all those 'silly human hangups', acts as the voice of reason for her quite often. They like playing Frisbee with each other on break hours, and Nimitz's favorite food is celery.

In the end, Honor subscribes to the two ethical standards that have been endemic to the valiant soldier and warrior since time immemorial: 'Protect Your Own, and Wreak Bloody Vengeance on those who Harm Your Own'. Honor Harrington can wind up pursuing these two tenants to the point of sociopathy if provoked.

She also hates slavery. Really, really hates slavery. She got that from her mother.

Brief History and Background:

There's some good sources of information about her backstory and the aspects of her home universe, especially in terms of military history and methods here:

I've decided to take her from halfway through the book 'War of Honor': She has been stationed in the Sidemore Republic region by the Janacek Admiralty, which has been nerfing the strength of the Navy with incompetence and nepotism: the current Parliamentary Acting Government is being run by a bunch of twits that are steadily alienating all of Manticore's former allies, and hidden forces are steadily manipulating the Star Kingdom and the Republic of Haven into resuming a shooting war.

Character evolution-wise, I'd like to see her evolve in several ways. I'd like to see her become more comfortable with romantic entanglements (she's currently very awkward and 'in denial' about such things). Additionally, I'd like her to slowly learn to step outside the rigamarole of rank and status and regulation that has defined her life and learn to be a bit more anti-authoritarian. Finally, I'd like to see her redefine her ideals. She is a staunch patriot when it comes right down to it: she has served the 'Star Kingdom of Manticore' throughout good times and bad: when it was run by decent people, and when it was run by idiots: “My Country, Right or Wrong” is a notable theme of the Honorverse series. Honor Harrington has always fought for 'Queen and Country': I'd like to see her learn to fight for her own principles and ideals, for what she deems to be a better tomorrow.

I'd also like to see her do some very Epic things in a Space Battle.

(As a Tangent, what sorts of equipment and ships from her universe can she gain access to? The smallest direct space combat ships that exists in her universe, besides shuttles, are about 115 meters long, while the largest can be as long as 4,000 meters.)

Sample Post:

Admiral Honor Harrington, commander of the 8th Fleet of the Star Kingdom of Manticore, Rear Admiral of the Grayson Space Force, Steadholder, and Dame of Gryphon, was setting a table for a ship's staff dinner.

Or rather, she was setting out a staff dinner with her mind: the perks of the Sensorium. Décor came and went, different types of silverware flickering in and out of existence, along with the models of chair, and banners hanging on the walls.

Honor eventually settles on Sphinxian Rose Hardwoods for the tables and walls, and an unfurled blue flag showing the roaring gold lion of the Star Kingdom at the table's head.

The center of the table was filled with numerous dishes–well, trays of slop reworked into numerous delicacies by the Clarkian sorceries of the Sensorium. The desert however, was genuine. So much blood, scrimping, haggled, and entreating went into that cake, shaped roughly like the hammerhead cruiser outlines of a Saganami-class Battlecruiser.

Honor stepped back, tucked her beret underneath her arm, and eyed the results with care.

Nimitz, seating himself on an illusionary shelf, 'bleaked' sharply, and Honor felt a wave of paternal exasperation coming from him.

“I know, Stinker.” She replied, walking over and scooping him up. “But traditions are important. Especially in a war zone. This ship...this crew needs something to help them cleave together, so that they can view themselves as part of a greater whole. I can't very well put them all through the Saganami Military Academy...though I'm sorely tempted–but in any case, an officer's dinner will help promote unity.”

Her face went cold for a moment. “And given what's coming, we'll need all the unity we can get.”

Nimitz 'bleaked' softly, and Honor hugged him to her chest tightly, both of them communicating in their own unique empathic way. Then she let him scramble onto the shoulder of her uniform.

Walking to the head of the imaginary table, she imagined that all the glasses were now filled with fine vintages of wine. As the guests arrive and are seated, she took her glass in her real hand. She stared off into space for a moment as memories of long absent friends and long absent homes destroyed by an inscrutable foe, lost and locked away save for what may lie in the Stasis Pods flashed before her mind's eye.

Then her expression firmed, and Admiral Harrington raised up her glass up to the ceiling.

“Ladies and Gentleman–The Queen!”


She's a sound tactician and strategist, as well as a damn good starship commander (she learned from the best). She's highly trained in a martial arts style called Coup de Vitesse, a Krav Maga-esque power style based on landing powerful, decisive blows, even at the expense of letting lesser blow land. She's is also quite skilled in the use of guns, from more modern 'Pulser' based weapons to classic projectile guns. She also picked up some training with a sword.

She was genetically modified to live in a heavy-gravity environment: as a result, she is somewhat stronger than average and has an accelerated metabolism. An unfortunate side-effect of this genetic tinkering is that her body responds badly to standard tissue regeneration techniques or cloning grafts. Thus her most severe injuries in the line of duty have been 'repaired' with cybernetics. She has an artificial eyes with certain optical capabilities, artificial nerve endings on the right side of her face, and a cybernetic left arm replacement from the shoulder down (the Index Finger is secretly loaded with a single Pulser Dart as the ultimate holdout weapon).

She can sense other people's emotions through her bond with Nimitz. And Nimitz has some very, very sharp claws.


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